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Bidi® Stick

Luxurious Vaping Experience

Continuously pioneering innovation in the vaping industry, the BIDI® Stick offers nothing less but high-quality materials and experiences to its adult consumers. It is made from recyclable components, manufactured from ISO 9001 compliant facilities.

Feel the unique throat hits from our Class A nicotine offers. Discover the BIDI® Stick Experience.

280 mAh,
UL-Certified Battery
6% Premium
1.4 mL Premium
1.4 mL Premium


The Future Of Vaping is Here

BIDI® Stick contains 6% Class A Nicotine offering our above 18+ consumers a premium and satisfying experience.

After years of extensive research and development, the BIDI® Stick was finally manufactured and engineered to perfection, each piece offering a consistent vaping experience for our adult consumers. Aided with a durable battery, the BIDI® Stick is built to last with premium e-liquid deployed at every hit. The best part? Most of the components of the BIDI® Stick are recyclable.

Embrace the change, taste the exceptional vaping experience with the BIDI® Stick.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health recognizes that vaping can aid their goal in making the country smoke-free by 2025. Towards this purpose, we at Bidi Vapor adhere to strict standards set by the European Tobacco Products Directive and the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990.


We also follow cGMP and ISO 9001 processes from manufacturing to packaging to ensure the quality of the BIDI® Stick. Additional certifications include REACH, UKCA, RoHS, and WEEE.


We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality product while remaining transparent and educational to inform the public about the vaping industry better.

Certified and Approved

Recyclable and Sustainable

While the BIDI® Stick is a disposable vape pen, parts of the device are recyclable.

Bidi Vapor features a sustainability initiative in the United States that encourages all adult customers to recycle their used devices. Bidi Vapor aims to promote and educate adult consumers on the dangers of improper e-waste disposal. To know more about this program, visit

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