As fake products continue to be sold in the market, Bidi Vapor works hard to keep you safe. We are continuously taking efforts to protect customers from the dangers of a fake BIDI® Stick.

Bidi Vapor only wants to provide the premium vaping experience.

Fake BIDI® Sticks differ from the authentic product in more ways than one. Read the signs of a fake BIDI® Stick and be smart about your purchase.

If you have a fake BIDI® Stick, you may experience the following:

Battery life is low. It will only last for a couple of hours.

It has a weaker nicotine level.

Flavors are inconsistent in each drag.

A customer can feel too much heating of the product.

Blinking light on the battery indicator, which is a sign of a low battery level.

It’s hard to take a drag from the vape pen mouthpiece.

How to know if you have a FAKE BIDI® Stick?

A fake BIDI® Stick has no perforated lines on the plastic packaging.

If the authenticator sticker is placed inconsistently on top or inside the packaging, it is a fake product.

As you peel the first layer of sticker, the Bidi Vapor logo is no longer displayed on the anti-fake sticker.

A fake BIDI® Stick has a disorganized and inconsistently beveled outside cap.

The placement of the cotton pad inside a fake BIDI® Stick is disorganized.
For the authentic BIDI® Stick, the medical-grade cotton pad is properly pre-arranged in long strands.

One major flaw of a fake BIDI® Stick is the hole of the plastic wrap on the bottom lid.
In an authentic BIDI® Stick, the plastic tightly covers the body of the packaging case without extending until the bottom flap.
Fake BIDI® Sticks also use a visibly thinner font in listing the flavors compared to the bold-style font in a genuine one.

Oh no! Fake BIDI® Sticks are in the market. Don’t get catfished by unauthorized sellers.
Be careful. These fake products are not what they seem. Unauthorized sellers are putting your safety at risk with potentially toxic chemicals and low-quality components posing burn and even explosion dangers! Although packaging can be deceiving, counterfeit items do not exactly look like our authentic products. Look for the authentication sticker along the side with a QR code to check authenticity. Buy an original BIDI® Stick to get the premium experience.
Always Buy the Original.
Premium BIDI® Sticks are built with high-quality materials. Each vape pen is manufactured with care by strictly following standardized procedures. Product safety, satisfaction, and loyalty are essential to us. These values motivate us to go over and beyond when it comes to our product. Counterfeit BIDI® Sticks are made with substandard materials, putting consumer health and safety at risk. And we want to protect all BIDI® Stick users from the risks posed by these counterfeit products at all costs.

Risks of Buying Imitation BIDI® Sticks from Unauthorized Retailers

Illegal manufacturers are now exploiting the vaping industry with fake BIDI® Sticks, posing dangers to customers. Bidi Vapor warns the public to be on the lookout for fake BIDI® Sticks sold by unauthorized retailers. The brand also encourages its customers to report any fraudulent BIDI® products seen or purchased. The company is prepared to take legal actions against fake BIDI® sellers and manufacturers.


For your safety, buy from authorized retailers only!

To get the authentic product, purchase your BIDI® Stick from authorized retailers only. Bidi Vapor and goPuff are currently the only two authorized online retailers of the BIDI® Stick. For authorized in-store direct retailers, you may check our Store Locator.

Purchasing your BIDI® Stick from them not only makes sure that you are getting the real product but also safeguards against the procurement of minors. Both companies have age verification processes that filter underage access to their stores and websites. These measures are in strict compliance and support of regulations that restrict minors’ access to vape products.

Get in Touch

Let us help you resolve your concerns. Send an email to Please include product photos and the name of the store where you bought it. We can help you verify the BIDI® Stick authenticity.

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