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Bidi Stick – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

▸ What is a Bidi Stick?

The Bidi Stick pod was created for those who are seeking a minimalistic solution to vaping. It is a very small disposable pod device with a low wattage battery. The Bidi Stick is made to be extremely easy to use and convenient for those seeking a solution for a healthier lifestyle. For this reason, Bidi Stick does not have any buttons, does not require charging or filling. It is an on-draw activated device that has a pre-charged battery and is filled with 1.2 ml of SaltNic’s nicotine blended e-liquid formula. No maintenance is required and when the Bidi Stick is depleted of its liquid, it can simply be thrown away.

▸ Why Bidi Stick?

Bidi Stick is the ultimate solution to a carefree vaping experience for those who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes. The Bidi Stick can be held like a cigarette and the on-draw mouth feel when using the Bidi Stick replicates the action of smoking. In keeping with the regular routine of what feels like smoking, the Bidi Stick is of tremendous assistance to anyone making a transition. And, the Bidi Stick initiates a satisfying nicotine transfer with 6% nicotine per volume. It is equivalent to an entire pack of cigarettes in a simplistic mini pod that comes in a pack of three. Therefore, when purchasing a pack of Bidi Stick’s, you receive what is comparable to three packs of cigarettes. Altogether, the Bidi Stick is an advantageous device at an incredible value.

▸ How does the Bidi Stick work?

The Bidi Stick is a simple device that is activated when the user draws from it. It has no buttons, does not require any settings to be made and ready to be used out straight out of its packaging.

▸ Does the Bidi Stick require maintenance?

The Bidi Stick does not require any maintenance and does not necessitate any charging. It is has a pre-charged low wattage battery and is pre-filled with premium salt nicotine e-liquid manufactured by SaltNic, Inc

▸ How to use a disposable vape pen?

Our disposable vape pens are as easy as open and use. No charging required, as the battery comes fully charged.

▸ How long does a disposable vape pen last?

The Bidi Stick’s mini battery will endure for a significant amount of time until all the e-liquid is enjoyed. It is also highly dependent on the user’s vaping habits, but the Bidi Stick will offer at least 500 puffs per pod. We at Bidi Stick always recommend to vape in moderation and enjoy your active lifestyle.

▸ Can I take Bidi Stick on an airplane?

A pack of Bidi Stick’s can be stored in your carry on luggage or in your pocket. However, we recommend always checking with the airline you will be traveling with to verify whether you may take your Bidi Stick with you.

▸ How do you dispose of the Bidi Stick?

Please be mindful of the natural environment and remember to toss your Bidi Stick in an appropriate trash receptacle. Please check with your local municipality for instructions on recycling batteries.

▸ What is the Nicotine concentration of the Bidi Stick?

The SaltNic e-liquid in the Bidi Stick is 6% per volume. It is quite strong and is recommended for those who are making a transition from smoking cigarettes.

▸ How many cigarettes equals 1 Bidi Stick?

1 Bidi Stick pod is approximated to contain enough nicotine to equate to 50 cigarettes. 1 Bidi Stick pack contains 3 Bidi Sticks and is equivalent to 50 cigarettes or 2 and a half packs of cigarettes.

▸ What is the best way to vape a Bidi Stick?

The Bidi Stick will accommodate any style that is preferred by the user, whether it be mouth to lung or direct to lung. It has a nice tight draw that allows for a great throat hit similar to that of a cigarette and will produce a satisfying amount of vapor.

▸ Can the Bidi Stick be shipped to all States?

The Bidi Stick can be shipped to all States except Indiana State at the moment.

▸ Bidi Stick outside the United States?

Unfortunately, the Bidi Stick has limited availability outside of the United States. Please contact our Customer Service team for further details.

New Zealand:

United Kingdom:

▸ How do I get Wholesale pricing?

Thank you for your interest in carrying the Bidi Stick. Please complete and submit the required form to receive more information about our Wholesale Program.

Premium Disposable Nicotine Vape Pen - Last Longer. Much Longer.