Niraj Patel

Niraj Patel is committed to advancing the vape industry through innovative technology, ethical business practices, and responsible business practices. Together with his partners, they continue to build companies worthy of their vision of the future.

CEO of Bidi Vapor and Kaival Brands, Patel also serves as Chief Financial Officer, President, Treasurer, and Director for both companies. Mr. Patel currently resides in Florida, United States.

Patel’s Family Background

BIDI Vapor is the result of Raj’s extensive experience in and around the tobacco industry. He has been surrounded by the industry for almost 30 years since his father’s introduction into tobacco processing.

The Patel family business started with processing tobacco leaves to be sold to larger tobacco companies. They were used for beedi cigarette rolling and manufacturing. At present, the Patel family business remains a part of the processed tobacco leaves industry.

In a way, Raj built Bidi Vapor as an innovation of their family business. Patel’s business legacy continues in Raj’s Bidi Vapor brand, pioneering innovation, research, and technology in the vape industry.

Educational Background

Attended AISSMS College of Pharmacy in
Pune, India
He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy in 2004. In 2005, Raj attended the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) and received his Master’s Degree in Chemistry.
Acquired a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
He acquired a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification while finishing his studies at FIT. Raj is a certified skilled risk management expert. He can quickly identify faulty business models and find creative solutions to remedy these situations.

Spark of Inspiration and Breaking through the Market

On a trip to Las Vegas to attend a trade show, Raj witnessed a demonstration of CBD oil and was astounded by the results on a child with congenital disabilities. He asked the exhibitors how much it costs and was surprised to discover that a liter cost $125,000.
He developed a feasibility study based on his curiosity about CBD products. Having a background in chemistry and pharmacy, he studied the absorption rate of CBD. His studies revealed that CBD was only being absorbed at a rate of 5%, an expensive molecule that could potentially cause challenges for a business.
Despite the results of his studies, Raj and his family established a company that sold the CBD White Label product.
It was received positively by the market and was bound for great success. Each family member involved in the CBD White Label company earned tremendously, enough to invest and launch their own companies.
The Patel family business also produced nicotine, but it was not as successful as the CBD White Label. Reaching into his bag of skills and experience, Raj sought to improve nicotine products currently available in the market.
His approach involved improving existing technologies and creating efficient processes to provide a better user experience. This method proved to be a practical template for all of Raj’s endeavors in life.

BIDI® Stick Development

With his family’s support, Raj started testing out different nicotine vape brands to find out how to improve these products. Observing his family alone revealed that although most of them enjoy vapes, they would occasionally smoke cigarettes, seeking the satisfaction they are used to experiencing with tobacco products.

Raj figured out that what was missing with these products was nicotine strength. However, increasing the nicotine level is not simple. It creates an unpleasant aftertaste, compromising the whole vaping experience. High nicotine levels compromise vape devices’ flavor and make them too harsh to use.

He tried to develop a technique to balance it all out. Raj and his team discovered that heat plays a significant part in delivering a consistent vaping experience. They found a way to isolate the liquid by heating a small amount, and only when needed.

The team also developed a control system unique to the BIDI® Stick. This made it possible to consistently and automatically cut the vape device’s power once it senses that your lungs are full.

Another gap in the industry is the lack of the technology to measure puffs in vaping devices. The gap creates dissatisfaction among its adult users. Raj and his team installed a small computer chip to monitor air pressure, allowing each puff to be measured while delivering
a consistent drag in every hit. This is another unique selling point of the BIDI® Stick.

Raj and his team took two years to develop and perfect Bidi Vapor’s premium product – the BIDI® Stick Raj and Bidi Vapor have always maintained their stand against youth access, as evident in how the company conducts itself. Strictly following vaping laws and regulations, design, supply and distribution are geared towards only adult users. The company is committed to becoming a vape industry leader, pioneering technologies and policies to protect consumers. Bidi Vapor’s mission is to produce high-quality products that can change a consumer’s way of life and serve as a beacon for the entire industry for positive change.