The Bidi® Stick

Changing the Industry
Through Innovation
and Commitment

Bidi Vapor created an innovative and premium vaping device designed for the adult consumer. Each device meets industry standards and is manufactured in GMP and ISO 9001 facilities.

The  BIDI® Stick is portable, due to its ergonomic design. For adult smokers seeking a consistent and premium vaping experience, Bidi Vapor has the  BIDI® Stick to offer.

As an advocate against underage vaping, the BIDI® Stick complies to all laws and regulations related to the marketing and sale of our product.

Bidi Vapor takes pride in delivering nothing less but the best adult-centered products while remaining a company, compliant with the current changes and restrictions affecting the vaping industry.

Behind Bidi Vapor

Leading the Industry Through
Compliance and Innovation

Bidi Vapor’s founder, Niraj Patel, has a strong background in pharmacology and chemistry. This paved the way in his search for a product capable of improving the vaping experience for the adult market.

The BIDI® Stick development started by first ensuring diligent studies, research, and testing to perfect its formula. With Niraj's background, Bidi Vapor cracked the code.

The BIDI® Stick embodies a carefully calibrated vaping device that suits the modern-day adult vape user. It does not have any burnt taste due to its high-quality materials that underwent certified processes. The improved formula ensures a consistent hit in every drag.

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